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Creating a Farmer Climate Network in the Champlain Valley

Lincoln Peak Winery
New Haven, VT

Global climate change is a growing threat to farmers and the communities that rely on them. ACORN is gauging interest from Champlain Valley area farmers to see if they would like to form a farmer-driven network to learn how to respond to changing weather with a range of climate and adaptation techniques, educational efforts, and political advocacy.  

ACORN would help convene regular climate-focused farmer events to build a resilient farmer network that is better prepared to mitigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities that a warming climate will bring. These consistent, farmer-directed gatherings will focus on farmer-to-farmer learning, visiting experts, on-farm models and demonstrations, and sharing resources that could improve farm and community resiliency.

This first meet-up is purely to gauge interest, hear what other communities are doing, and determine next steps.