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Use it Up! Save Money & Time by Reducing Food Waste

Vermont Food Venture Center, 140 Junction Rd
Hardwick, VT

Want to prepare healthy meals, reduce food waste and save time and money? Just by making small changes in your cooking habits, you can do all these things and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. During this FREE hands-on class, you will prepare and eat several small dishes. We’ll share the following tips and strategies to become more efficient in the kitchen and reduce food waste:

  • Meal planning,
  • How to store foods properly,
  • Friending your freezer and loving your leftovers,
  • Understanding expiration dates, and
  • No-recipe, batch, and scrap-based cooking.

Currently, about 40% of food grown in the US is wasted, never making it onto someone’s plate. The average American family of four wastes $1500 a year on food they buy but don’t eat. Come learn food-saving techniques and help the US meet its goal to reduce food waste by 50% by 2030.

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About the Instructors:

  • Chef Jim McCarthy has been cooking for nearly 20 years and is currently the chef/owner of the Mill Market in South Burlington. Before the Market, Jim had been the executive chef at Shelburne Farms where he spent time cooking true 'farm to table' cuisine for over a decade. He was classically trained at the New England Culinary Institute and went on to spend nearly 5 years cooking Asian cuisine at A Single Pebble in Burlington while also pursuing a Master's degree in Nurition and Food Science from the University of Vermont.  
  • Anne Bijur works for the Waste Management and Prevention Division of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation. She helps implement Vermont’s recycling, composting, and waste reduction initiatives. She formerly was Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Vermont FEED (Food Education Every Day) and the Vermont Farm to School Network.