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Composting for Your Garden in the Time of COVID-19

Composting our food and garden wastes gives fertility back to the land. Waste is the last part of the food system. Composting food wastes makes our food system cyclical. Decomposition is the essential transformation of once living materials into fertilizer used to grow again. The end product of compost is a bio-inoculant and fertilizer that improves our garden soil, keeps valuable carbon and nutrients out of the landfill, and saves us money. But what are some innovative ways for gardeners to make compost? What does compost do for plants and our soils? And why is it important to close the food cycle loop? These are some of the questions we hope to answer with panelists Wendy Sue Harper, Grace Gershuny, and Natasha Duarte.

This webinar is part of Prescott College’s Food Systems Friday Webinar Series.