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VBSR Webinar: Same Storm, Different Boats: COVID-19's Outsized Impact on Marginalized Communities

Online Webinar via Zoom

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In the first weeks of sheltering in place, some dubbed COVID-19 “the great equalizer.” But the weight of the pandemic has fallen unevenly. In the near and long term, the crisis we are all experiencing is likely to be most devastating for women, people of color, and people who were already living on the economic margins, a fact that must inform response and recovery planning. A crisis of this proportion can be a turning point for equity and justice – if we steer the turn well. So far we’ve witnessed some people taking advantage of the pandemic to further disempower marginalized groups, while at the same time other organizations and communities have rolled out radical solutions that would have seemed too good to be true just a few months ago. How can all these complexities inform our response and recovery planning?