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Apple Tree Virtual Workshop Series – Orchard Care

This workshop will be a primer on the care and maintenance of an apple orchard.  The focus will be on holistic methods that support the biology above and below ground.  Ben Applegate will lead participants on a tour through the Eden Orchard discussing seasonal tasks and techniques that he uses to care for the trees.  Topics covered will include fertilization, holistic spray materials & schedule, thinning fruit, biological mowing, pests & disease concerns, and winter preparation. The workshop contents will be presented in a series of video episodes released throughout the summer, with topics timed to seasonality. Cost is $15. To register, click here

  • Late May/Early June – Overview of the season, May activities – grafting; chipping branchwood; spreading compost, lime, wood ash; Spring Holistic sprays
  • June – biological mowing, thinning fruit, making herbal teas, compost windrows
  • July – Insects of concern – Borers, apple maggot, etc.; summer pruning; soil testing