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Impactful Structural Change, Land Sovereignty, and Reparations

Part 5 of a six part series: Impactful Structural Change, Land Sovereignty, and Reparations

In this panel we explore the different approaches to building land sovereignty in Vermont. Because access to land is central to identity, culture, food production, and wealth creation, land theft has long been a tool of oppression against marginalized communities. These leaders are building alternative land-access models to strengthen their communities, increase local food security, right past wrongs, and bring lasting change to the state of Vermont. 


Tracy Zschau, Vermont Land Trust

Akua Deirdre Smith, Black Land Power Network

Alison Nihart, Agrarian Commons Board Member

Stefan Bratt, NAACP Brattleboro

Melody Brook


A Force to Be Reckoned With: Womxn in VT's Food System

Join ShiftMeals for a six-part free webinar series highlighting the intersectional experiences of Womxn and Femmes in all facets of the Vermont food system, from seed to hands. Presented by City Market,  A Force To Be Reckoned With honors those most affected by the Covid-19 crisis by bringing together powerful Womxn and Femme farmers, leaders, organizers, and activists. We are creating a space for collaboration, discussion, and visions for a more resilient food system in Vermont.  


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