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Fermenting Humanity: From Evolution to Edible


We all know that ‘you are what you eat.’  And most believe that the key to human evolution was our larger-than-average brain combined with the ability to use tools. But it is more likely that we became what we are today thanks to our ability to eat (and drink) a wide variety of fermented foods.

Join Chef Branden Lewis, PhD, and Professor Jennifer Pereira of Johnson & Wales University as they delve into our fermented past, present, and future. Explore the many types of fermented foods and beverages that have played a role in every human culture and cuisine across the globe.

Discover the benefits, risks, and methods used to produce living foods at home.

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Fifty attendees who complete the post-webinar survey will win milk kefir-making kits!

Pending approval for 1.0 hour of CPE from the Commission on Dietetic Registration.