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Hunger Free Vermont 3SquaresVT Trainings

Connecting Vermont Residents to 3SquaresVT Through Positive Messaging
Wednesday, March 3rd: 11am - 12:15pm

3SquaresVT is here for all of us when we need it but stigma and shame prevent people from accessing its support. In this training, we will discuss how to transform the way we talk about 3SquaresVT to create public support for the program and break down common misconceptions. This training will provide specific strategies for addressing stigma, tools to reframe 3SquaresVT messaging, and a suite of 3SquaresVT outreach materials. 

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Helping Your Clients Navigate 3SquaresVT
Friday, March 5th: 11am - 12:15pm

The 3SquaresVT application process can be difficult to navigate. In this training, participants will learn about common problems that delay the application process; understand the roles that service providers can take to assist their clients before, during, and after the application process; gain strategies to help choose the role/permission best suited for service providers and clients; and discuss what could improve the system in the future. 

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3SquaresVT in a Snap (3SNP)
Wednesday, March 10th: 11am - 12:15pm

3SquaresVT in a Snap (3SNP) is a new program in our state that makes it easier for older Vermonters and people with disabilities to apply for 3SquaresVT and remain in the program for a longer period of time. 3SNP participants have a simpler application and recertification process, are certified for longer, and receive individualized case worker support. In this training, participants will learn more about this program, who it is for, and how to assist eligible Vermonters enroll.

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