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Regenerative Gardening and Meditation: Gardening to Stabilize the Climate at Karme Choling

369 Patneaude Lane
Barnet, VT

Who is the program for?

Home Gardeners and landscapers:

  • with a passion for fresh healthy food and living sustainably.
  • who are not afraid to slow down and listen to what the earth is whispering.
  • who are looking for practical ways to tackle our climate crisis.

Elements of program

  • Enter, observe, and sense the garden or landscape.
  • On-site organic gardening presentations with discussions.
  • Strategies for Regenerative gardening.
  • Including cover crops and mulch for soil building.
  • Wildflower plantings and other ways to increase biodiversity, planting, composting (including Bokashi), and harvesting.
  • Outdoor meditation and sit spot practice
  • Contemplations and wanderings in the forest.

Special attention will be given to building fertile soil with help from biology and soil amendments. 


Forest, meadows and streams

In addition to our work in the garden, we’ll wake up through the senses while exploring the forest, meadows, streams and pond at Karmê Chöling.

This land has been blessed by many Buddhist, Shambhala and Taoist teachers since its founding 50 years ago. The Abenaki Tribe used the land’s abundance for thousands of years before it became a dairy and sheep farm.

The magic of meeting this land will unfold to us as we hike it’s trails, explore its rocks and caves, and investigate its mysteries. Some of these investigations will include finding power spots on the land and experiencing the interdependence of its many plant species. How do these trees and underbrush create cohesive communities using rhysomal connections? How does this substratum differ from the growing areas? How can we increase biodiversity in the forest and move towards more productive food forest plantings?

Alongside these explorations, we will forage in the forest, finding edible plants and mushrooms there. Which birds, amphibians and mammals are living there? How can we peacefully communicate with them? Do we need to?

To learn more about the program and teachers and to register:

Jan Enthoven, Master Gardener, descends from a long line of Dutch fruit and vegetable growers. Interested in organic farming since childhood, Mr. Enthoven visited renowned Buddhist farmer-philosopher, Masanobu Fukuoka during his travels through Asia in 1982. Inspired by Mr. Fukuoka’s approach, Jan embraced ecological farming methods, and his farm became organically certified in 1983.
Donna Williams has taught Shambhala Training Levels for the past 35 years both in the US and in Chile and is involved in teaching Contemplative Ecology and practicing plant-based textile arts. She lives in Vermont where she gardens, growing dye plants, apples, raspberries and tends plants and shrubs in Karmê Chöling's flower beds.