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Having a Family Cow

341 Macintosh hill Rd
Bethel, VT

Having A Family Cow is designed to help you navigate the new and exciting world of owning and caring for a family cow & calf.

Class will include some hands-on learning - including hand-milking a cow.

Our farm is certified organic, so our approaches to health and wellness comply with the USDA Organic Standards.

Topics will include:

* Animal Health

* Grazing Management

* Calf Care

* Animal Nutrition

* Breeds and Breeding

* Housing and Husbandry

* Milking Equipment, cleansers and milk quality testing

* Marketing your milk: raw milk regulations in VT

* What does it mean to be certified organic when it comes housing & husbandry & health

Participants will receive a handout along with a list of useful books, resource links, and Product Samples from our sponsors (Agri-Dynamics and Eco-Shield) to get you on your way.

Some information about our small dairy operation: At Earthwise Farm & Forest, we have 2 milk cows and enjoy milking our cows by hand. During the growing season, our cows (and youngstock) are managed in a rotational grazing system. The milk cows get a couple pounds of organic grain at each milking and free choice minerals are available to the livestock at all times. About 1-2 months into our cow's lactation we will switch to once a day milking. We breed our cows using Artificial Insemination. We sell our raw milk (pre-order only)from our farm store. We are a Tier 1 raw milk dairy

About the Instructor: Lisa McCrory is a Grazing and Whole Farm Planning consultant with 30 years of grazing experience and training in Holistic Management (c). She and owns and operates Earthwise Farm & Forest with her husband, Carl Russell. Their farm is draft-animal powered & certified organic, incorporating biodynamic and ecological practices & principles. They market organic grass fed meat and milk products, vegetables, garlic, herbs, flowers, maple syrup and offer Farm Tours and Educational Workshops throughout the year.

Cost for class: $60 per person. Payment for the class is on-line (credit card or paypal) or by sending a check to: 341 Macintosh Hill Rd, Randolph VT 05060.

For more info, email us at: or Register Here: 

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