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Rooting Out Racism: A Virtual Anti-Racism Training for those Working with Land and Agriculture

October 4-8 | 11 am - 2 pm
This training is different from others because of: 
- dynamic facilitators;
- awesome music;
- participatory, in a way that stretches you and supports you;
- emphasis on power, and where it sits;
- joy is woven in alongside the hard learning; 
- their framework for building anti-racist organizations: healing, reparations, imagination, and movement. 
Consider attending this workshop, and come as an individual or a team with board members, staff, or partners. FBEN is subsidizing it so the cost is $50 - $500 / person. 
Registration will close 9/27 or until it fills (only 30 spots are available!) You don't need to be an FBEN member to attend. 
"I found the Rooting Out Racism workshop to be the most helpful of all the equity and anti-racism trainings I’ve attended (and I’ve attended quite a few!). I appreciated the skill, expertise and guidance of the Service to Justice leaders. I found it really valuable how they combined education/information sharing with holding space for reflection, self-examination and connection with others. There have been many times this summer that I have thought about my experience in Rooting Out Racism and applied my insights and learning." - Nicole Gunderman, Gorman Heritage Farm, Evendale, OH