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Collective Garden Organizing Training Series

Collective Garden Organizing Training

Are you growing food collectively with others in your community, or interested in getting something started? Join us this winter (February 8 - March 8) for an online training in *Collective Garden Organizing. This 5-part training will help you get organized, reflect on your goals and strategies, and gather tools and ideas to strengthen these unique growing communities.

*Collective gardens, also sometimes known as “cooperative gardens” or “community farms,” are communal growing spaces where gardeners share the work of planting, tending and harvesting in one large plot together, differentiated from the traditional individually-tended community garden “plots.” 

In each weekly 2 hour session, you will…

  • learn from real stories of successful collective gardens, 

  • be given prompts and templates to aid in your planning, 

  • and have the opportunity to brainstorm with experts and fellow organizers. 

By the end of the training we hope you…

  • leave ready to reach out to your community, 

  • on the road to finding the resources you need to grow your site, 

  • and prepared to engage a diverse community of gardeners. 

Course fee, schedule, online registration, and other details can be found at:

Please register by Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

And please share this opportunity–with fellow garden team members (special discount for team registration) and others in your community who are already doing the work or are inspired to get involved in collective gardening. Thank you! 

This training is part of a collaborative project between Vermont Garden Network and ShiftMeals to increase awareness of and resources for collective gardening, thanks to support from the Vermont Community Foundation.

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