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Perennial Vegetable and Orchard Tour: Spinach Vine, Hosta and More

3499 East Hill Rd
Plainfield, VT

Sunday, May 15th, 1-3PM

Perennial Vegetable Research Site Visit and Tasting 1PM

Orchard Walking Tour 2PM

Perennial Vegetables: Hosta and Spinach Vine

There are few perennial vegetables commonly grown, yet they offer many benefits from pest and disease resistance, to seasonal niches, reduced work requirements, and environmental benefits. Visit a research plot and get to know two of these plants, perennial spinach vine and hostas. We will taste spinach vine shoots and leaves, hosta shoots (like asparagus), and see examples of these plants in the garden and discuss their cultivation and potential role in home gardens and farms. Spinach vine (Hablitzia tamnoides) is an herbaceous, perennial climbing vine with edible spring shoots, followed by spinach-like leaves. Hostas (Hosta spp.), which we all know as an ornamental, have edible shoots in the spring and a long history of human consumption.

Following our perennial vegetable time, there will be a walking tour of the extensive perennial fruit, nut and berry plantings on site, which include most any kind of edible berry, nut and tree fruit hardy to northern Vermont. Retail nursery is also open for sales. We do not have perennial vegetables to sell but can guide you in sourcing them.

Workshop hosted at East Hill Tree Farm in Plainfield, VT, a nursery for fruit trees, nuts, and berry plants in Plainfield, VT. 3499 East Hill Road / Plainfield, VT 05667. Pre-registration appreciated, but not required: Graham Unangst-Rufenacht: or 802-585-6236