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Brewing: Science, Safety, Sensory, and Skills

610 Route 7 South
Middlebury, VT

Through lab experience and classroom lecture, students who complete Brewing: Science, Safety, Sensory, and Skills will have the technical ability to work effectively in a brewery with considerations for safety, equipment operation, and quality testing. They will build an understanding of the management, technological and biochemical aspects of the brewing process, including raw materials, malting, brewing, fermentation, safety, and finishing. This course is taught by Steve Parkes, owner and operator of Drop-In Brewing in Middlebury, VT. Participants must be at least 21 years old to enroll.

This course is offered through the Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Tech.  The Institute supports students, farmers and agricultural specialists with educational opportunities related to animals, plants, soils, food systems, sustainability, mechanical systems, and agriculture business management. These programs teach practical, hands-on techniques in diversified agriculture ranging from vegetable, fruit and berry production to dairy herd management to technical skills such as meat-cutting and welding. Vermont Tech is continually expanding the trainings being offered to meet agricultural workforce needs around the state.


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