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Food Day 2014

, VT

Across the country, nearly 5,000 events were hosted by individuals and organizations volunteering and working to make our food system more sustainable, accessible and just. Building stronger relationships with our communities, providing children with nutritional education and working to ensure all of our residents have access to healthy, nutritious, food were the key themes of our collective actions.

Regional planning meetings are being planned for May and June, if you would like to host one and have others in your community come together, let us know. If you would like to be on an information list, please email 

What are some of this year’s events that have come from recent brainstorming sessions?

-      GrowNYC is organizing for its annual Big Apple Crunch during which thousands of New Yorkers will simultaneously bite into locally grown apples.

-      In Chicago, Building a Healthier Chicago continues with its Eat Real campaign that culminates in a major public event on October 24.

-      The Tulsa Food Security Council will be hosting the Oklahoma Food Security Summit again this year in celebration of Food Day, in addition to community-wide activities across Tulsa such as food festivals and university events.

Please let us know what you are planning to do and if you believe you have a collective of interested people who would like a meeting.

Visit the website, for more information, share it with your co-workers/family/friends/farmers/neighbors/community organizations…and come to a meeting for ideas, guidance and community building!