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124 Main Street
Randolph Center, VT

Students will learn the concept, ethics, historical uses and environmental impact of collecting wild and introduced plants and mushrooms while also learning the correct techniques of botanical identification, as well as harvesting, handling, and marketing, including state and federal regulations. A total of 10 wildcrafted items will be covered in the course. Upon completion the student will possess the essential foundational skills and techniques used in botanical identification for safe and ethical collecting. After successful testing students will receive Certification Level I in Wild Edibles of the WFGG, in anticipation of Revised 2013 FDS Food Codes. This course will be taught by Les Hook and Nova Kim.

Please note there is the option to take this course for academic credit. The cost is an additional $200.00 for two academic credits.

To register please visit this page. If you have additional questions call 802-728-1677 or email

This course is offered through the Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems at Vermont Tech.  The Institute supports students, farmers and agricultural specialists with educational opportunities related to animals, plants, soils, food systems, sustainability, mechanical systems, and agriculture business management. These programs teach practical, hands-on techniques in diversified agriculture ranging from vegetable, fruit and berry production to dairy herd management to technical skills such as meat-cutting and welding. Vermont Tech is continually expanding the trainings being offered to meet agricultural workforce needs around the state.