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Brewers/Foodies/Techies Roundtable Event

25 Omega Drive
Williston, VT

For this Roundtable event, Burlington Beer Company is looking to have a specific dialogue between foodies/brewers and techies.

A common problem throughout craft food and beverage is the ability to properly manage the information about the products that makes them unique.  In addition, consumers are more and more using product information to make more conscious informed decisions about what they consume.

Craft producers go out of their way to source good ingredients from good suppliers, located as locally as possible. The more people know about how what they consume is affecting them and their community and environment, the more they consume craft.

Unfortunately, Craft producers are by their nature too small to implement complex information systems solutions that would allow them to efficiently capture product information and share it with consumers in a way that makes sense to them. If producers of various sizes were able to collaborate to create a uniform system for dealing with Craft data, the more they could capture value from the quality they work so hard to create. As Operations manager at craft brewery Burlington Beer Company, Jake Durell would like to have strategies and tools to do this more effectively.

So he invites all producers and technologists that would like to explore this to come to Burlington Beer Company and join in this compelling discussion for a June 10 StartupVT Roundtable event.

Come join us for the dialogue!