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Food Sovereignty Initiatives in Chiapas, Mexico

UVM Davis Center 422 (Jost Foundation Room), 590 Main St
Burlington, VT

Helda Morales and Bruce Ferguson
Professors and researchers at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas is among Mexico's poorest states, with a dark history of exploitation that spawned the Zapatista uprising. In recent decades, and especially following the implementation of NAFTA, food production and retailing have become increasingly industrialized and corporatized. A diffuse movement for food system sustainability and justice is emerging, in which indigenous farmers and other peasants, urban producers and consumers, new markets, formal education, traditional knowledge and agroecological innovation all have a role to play. Helda Morales and Bruce Ferguson both have PhD's from the University of Michigan and are researchers and professors in the Agroecology Group at ECOSUR in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, México. Their current research focuses on scaling up agroecology through formal and informal education, local markets, and social support networks.

Co-sponsored by the Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods Group and the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.

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