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Counter Culture: Fabulous Fermented Foods

351 North Avenue
Burlington, VT

People have been making and eating fermented foods since the beginnings of agriculture and, in many parts of the world, these foods are still a staple of the diet. Traditional fermentations preserve fresh foods without requiring special equipment and can actually improve the nutrient profile of the foods we consume. Join Caroline Homan to learn about and sample different types of fermented foods including lacto-fermented vegetables like pickles, sauerkraut, and kimchi; fermented beverages like homemade sodas and kombucha; cultured dairy foods like yogurt and kefir; Japanese miso and tempeh; and soaked and sprouted grains like sourdough bread. Each participant will bring home their own jar of vegetables to culture on the countertop!

Note: Offered in Partnership with City Market

The cost is $25.

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