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Growing Greens for Market in Cold Climates with Unheated Greenhouses

Vermont Technical College
Randolph, VT

This course looks at innovative, cutting edge practices being used to grow year round in cold climates like Vermont and is perfect for commercial growers, gardeners and those interested in starting to grow greens during the winter months. There are four key principles the course will focus on: growing the right crops, planting them at the right time, proper plant management, and harvesting the crops for maximum yield. The course will dive into production, covering crop plants to soil fertility management. Greenhouse structures and management will be discussed, from site location to row covers and venting. Students will look at the financials of growing greens in the winter. Annual use and crop planning for your greenhouse will give participants a big picture view on growing in greenhouses in cold climates year round.  Students will spend one day on the classroom and the following day at Bread and Butter Farm to observe winter growing in action. The course will be taught by Corie Pierce of Bread and Butter Farm

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