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Selling to K-12 School Meals Programs: Standing Out During a Competitive Procurement Process


School meals programs represent a big marketing opportunity for Vermont producers and suppliers, purchasing more than $15 million worth of food and supplies last year. However these programs must follow strict federal and state requirements for competitive procurement for every purchase they make. These long-standing regulations are just now beginning to be enforced in Vermont, and many schools who were not previously complying them will begin to implement competitive procurement practices in the coming year. Together, the two webinars in this series will guide you through the federal regulations that these programs must follow, point out potential marketing opportunities for Vermont producers, and teach you how your business could be more competitive when bidding to supply school meals programs.

These webinars are for farmers, producers, distributors, and other businesses that sell (or wish to sell) directly to school meal programs in Vermont. 

February 24, 2015: Standing Out During a Competitive Procurement Process 
In this 1-hour webinar, we will go deeper into the competitive purchasing procedures school meals programs must follow, and discuss ways that local producers can compete for this business. We will focus on ways that school meals programs may be thinking about what it means to “buy local” and do “farm to school” and how Vermont producers can fit their products and services into these efforts and compete for school business on more than just price. 

When:                  February 17 & 24, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Instructors:         Abbie Nelson, VT FEED and NOFA VT & Rosie Krueger, VT Child Nutrition Programs, Agency of Education

Audience:            Vermont farmers, producers & distributors who want to sell to school meals programs


Cost:                    Free!

For more information, contact Rosie Krueger at 802-479-1246 or