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Deciding on Scale: What size farm is right for me? - A farmer-to-farmer discussion

Evening Song Farm
Shrewsbury, VT

Facilitators:  Kara Fitzgerald & Ryan Wood Beauchamp, Evening Song Farm; Lisa MacDougall, Mighty Food Farm; Adam Stevenson & Kristin Jacoby-Stevenson, Old Gates Farm

Many factors go into the decision of desired farm size and what makes sense given the specific situation of each individual farmer.  Each of the farmers facilitating this discussion operates at a different scale and will share their stories of how their farm has evolved to the size at which it currently operates.  Join RAFFL and this fantastic group of farmers to discuss how you decided on farm size and the questions you have about what size farm is right for you. 

This gathering will include a potluck dinner so bring a dish to share if you’d like!

For more infomation contact Jen at: or 802-417-7096.