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4th Annual Water Quality Conference

Vermont Technical College; Judd Hall
Randolph, VT

4th Annual Water Quality Conference: Learning from Other Successes

Previous Water Quality Conferences focused on water quality regulations, sources of nutrient pollutants, storm water, modeling, political will, grass-roots efforts and innovative community action, implementation and funding. 

Progress has been made in understanding the causes and sources of Lake Champlain's water quality problems. And it is clear that best management practices on farms and beyond can stem the flow of nutrients into the lake and other water bodies. Vermont, and others, still continue to be challenged by organizing and funding implementation of solutions. 

This year's Water Quality Conference examines organizational structures and innovative approaches that have succeeded in other areas and might be applied to improvement of water quality. 

The panels will be focused on the following topics: 

  • Update on regulatory changes affecting water quality; 
  • A utility model for organizing the drive towards increasing water quality; 
  • Enhancing implementation of BMPs through the Current Use Program; 
  • Innovative approaches to increasing the value, and decreasing the cost, of nutrients; and 
  • Where Does Vermont Go From Here?

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