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Artesano Tasting Dinner at NECI

118 Main Street
Montpelier, VT

A mead and beer inspired tasting dinner at NECI on Main in Montpelier- the promise of exceptional Artesano mead, great beer from Drop In Brewery and fine food.

Cost is $65 per person plus tax and gratuity. For reservations, call (802) 223-3188. Visit the website for more information and see the menu below.



Cheese Gougère

Smoked Trout Rillettes

Bocarones Feuillette

Beverage: Essence Mead


1st Course

Mosaic of Fish & Vegetables with Citrus Vinaigrette – Pea Shoot Relish

Beverage: Sunshine and Hoppiness Golden Ale


2nd Course

Spinach Salad topped with Duck Breast & Potatoes Maxim – Blueberry Mead Gastrique

Beverage: Blueberry Mead


3rd Course

Lamb Slider in Blue-Cheese Walnut Bread – Fried Vegetable Chips

Beverage: Red Dwarf Beer


4th Course

Deconstructed “French Dip” on Brioche with Red Eye Gravy

Beverage: Heart of Lothian Beer


5th Course

Fire & Ice

Beverage: Chili Cinnamon Mead