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BioEnergy - Biomass to Biofuels Course

UVM campus
Burlington, VT

"BioEnergy - Biomass to Biofuels course", 2015 Fall Semester, University of Vermont

September 18, 2015 to December 09, 2015 on-campus classes on Fridays (4:05 pm - 7:05 pm), and field trips on Saturdays (10:00 am - 1:00 pm); no classes during the regular breaks/holidays.

Location: UVM campus (JEFFORDS HALL 110) & throughout Vermont for field trips

COURSE WEBSITE: Variable 2-4 Credit through: 1) NR 285 - J- 95467 OR 2) TRC 295 - A - 95426

DETAILS: Experts in following areas will provide hands-on instruction in wide range of topics including: LIQUID BIOFUELS (seed-based biodiesel; bioethanol; conversion of waste oil to biodiesel; advanced biofuels including algae-biofuel & microbial biofuel); SOLID BIOFUELS (wood & grass energy, pelletization), BIOGAS & BIO-ELECTRICITY (the farm-based energy); BIOHEAT, BIOMASS CONVERSION TECHNOLOGIES FOR BIOFUEL, BIOFUELS/ENERGY RELATED ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMICS, & SOCIAL ISSUES; OTHER wide-range of Biofuels related science & technology topics, background & literature See details at: Topics & Experts: This course is designed to provide experience in all possible Bio-Renewable Energy areas to prepare the participants of diverse backgrounds for jobs in BioEnergy/Biofuels industry, or higher education in the field, or related entrepreneurial endeavors in bioenergy/biofuels areas.

CREDIT: Variable Credits (2 to 4):
2 credit: on-campus lectures with access to blackboard materials (No in-lab & field trips)
3 credit: on-campus lec with access to blackboard materials hands on in-lab & field trip sessions (No service learning project).
4 credit: on-campus lectures w/access to Blackboard materials, hands on in-lab & field trip sessions, service learning project in partnership with a community partner
(Optional 5 or 6 credit hours: Same as credit 4 except extra 1 or 2 credit hours for the service learning project. contact the lead instructor)

CONTACTS: For syllabus related questions contact the Lead Instructor Anju Dahiya at For other info contact registrar office or your department student adviser

INSTRUCTORS: UVM FACULTY MEMBERS and EXPERTS from VT-based Biomass/biofuels businesses (see the list at course website)

All welcome: Degree and non-degree seeking students, budding entrepreneurs, teachers (interested in developing curriculum, or projects at school or college levels), farmers and others.


  • ON CAMPUS CLASSES: BY UVM FACULTY MEMBERS and EXPERTS from VT-based biofuels businesses;
  • HANDS ON FIELD WORK involving tours to Farms/Biofuel facilities & related projects. Check out past SL projects at: Note: service learning option only for 4 credit and above
  • TALKS by guest-speakers/experts from businesses;
  • ONLINE CLASSES: supplementary classes/information including video
  • clips and discussions.
  • TEXTBOOK: Bioenergy - Biomass to Biofuels (Elsevier Science, Editor A. Dahiya) available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Elsevier, and other readings as recommended by the topic specific instructors.