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Hands-on Permaculture Training

344 Geary Road South
Lincoln, VT

Honoring David Holmgren’s work, we explore not only the land stewardship elements of permaculture design, but also delve into social permaculture topics such as governance structures, health and well-being, education, culture, diversity, and economic structures. Using Metta Earth Institute and the intentional community that resides on the land, we maximize every opportunity to learn from this immersion experience. Each participant will be engaged in a design process throughout this training and have the opportunity to present to the community at the culmination of the course.

This training is for those new to permaculture, as well as those who seek a more holistic experience of permaculture. Strong in experiential land-based skills, this training is for those permaculturists who seek more hands-on experience with traditional permaculture techniques.

Led by teachers with over 30 years of experience in organic farming, homesteading, intentional communities, regenerative economics, social change movements, yoga, and meditation, this training offers an abundance of knowledge in all arenas of permaculture.

Using Metta Earth as the field site, this program will offer participants the opportunity to explore:


  • permaculture design principles and ethics
  • mapping skills 
  • permaculture landscape design 
  • compost generation 
  • crop diversity, companion planting, & inter-planting 
  • polyculture and guild design and implementation 
  • carbon farming 
  • human scale agriculture & no till gardening 
  • holistic livestock management 
  • rotational grazing 
  • edible food forests 
  • raw & fermented foods 
  • whole foods cooking & preserving 
  • wild edibles, foraging, & sustainable wild crafting 
  • biodynamic and organic farming & gardening 
  • hands on work with plants, soil, & animals 
  • creative processes for aesthetic permaculture design


  • essentials for creating group safety & sanctuary 
  • models of leadership 
  • forms of emergent leadership & future frontiers 
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) 
  • giving & receiving feedback 
  • community-living skills: Five Points of Power, Full Value Contract, & Co-Listening 
  • Way of the Council 
  • working with dyads & other group constellations to develop communication skills 
  • moving from ego-consciousness to eco-consciousness 
  • forms of attention, learning styles, & channels of expression 
  • conscious and unconscious communication 
  • daily yoga and meditation practices to deepen the capacity for observation of nature and personal thriving 
  • power, privilege, and diversity 
  • core processes of community building 
  • ecological sustainability practices 
  • use of the arts to support design innovations 
  • ecovillage and intentional community models in the US and abroad 
  • origination of vision, mission, & guiding covenants 
  • governance systems 
  • legal & financial structures 
  • regenerative economics 
  • elements of community site planning 
  • whole systems design

“Metta Earth is a place where you can come home to your true self as a being on the planet at this exact moment, one of great change. Not only did I learn about design elements of permaculture, I also learned about how to vision and develop the skills to work in a group. It was a dynamic learning experience that taught me how to apply permaculture principles from a micro–scale to a macro–scale.” –Madeleine Lyman, Permaculture & Ecovillage Design 2014

“What an incredibly holistic experience that embraces both the social and environmental aspects of permaculture and ecovillage design and dynamics, in addition to an opportunity to delve into the many aspects of a homestead environment.” –Lucas Lundell, 2014

“I came to the Permaculture & Ecovillage Design session expecting to get a basic understanding/foundation of permaculture to apply to my life. I am leaving with an open heart and mind ready to set out on a new path in my life to be congruent with myself so I can help lead others. Metta Earth Institute helped me engage and reconnect with what I lost of myself and helped me to start off in a new chapter of life with a positivity and hopefulness I did not have upon arrival.” –Ashely Nunez, Permaculture & Ecovillage Design 2014

Financial Assistance & Credits
If you are a student, you may be able to earn up to three credits per course through your university.

Cost & Financial Assistance
$1500 for one session
This includes three 100% organic meals a day from the land, retreat center housing, and all program materials. We work to make it possible for all to attend who are interested. Please don’t let cost prevent you from applying!

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