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2015 BarnPitch | Back by Popular Demand ... Pitch your business/new product

52 Finnegan Road
Lowell, VT

freshTracks Capital Road Pitch sends "business bikers" on four-day motorcycle trip around Vermont where they will hold "office hours" in select towns stopping by appointment to listen to business "pitches" from start-up or early stage companies.

Contact us to schedule your Pitch: 802-744-6600 | steve@kingdomcommons |

Click here for a story about last year's 2014 BarnPitch.

And click here for a story in the Wall Street Journal about the Road Pitch in Vermont.

As of today, 15 June, we only have seven slots and four are already reserved. Give us a call or send us an email to connect with us to be considered a candidate for pitching. 

Here's a sample outline for your seven-minute pitch:

  1. Tell your story in three parts: problem, context, solution
  2. In your problem statement, define your ask ie, answer the question, HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT?
  3. Use images not text in your slides (PowerPoint isn't necessary, however you may want to consider printing out a deck for the investors)

-       Include a slide that identifies your target market and how you will reach them IN NUMBERS

-       Include a graph that shows your 5-year growth projection and NET PROFIT year over year

-       Include a slide that shows your team and answers the question, WHY THEM?

  1. Practice out loud at least five times before you even think about showing up
  2. In your closing, restate your invitation to invest in your COMPANY AND YOUR TEAM