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Financing Crosscutting Team Meeting

Vermont State Colleges, Room 101
Montpelier, VT

­­­­­Financing Crosscutting Team Meeting Agenda

Vermont State College in Montpelier, Room 101
Tuesday, September 22, 2015 1:30-4pm

Desired Meeting Outcomes:

  • A better understanding of deal flow and collaboration happening throughout the region.
  • Crowdfunding comes to Vermont  - learn about new options for both entrepreneurs and investors
  • What others?

Welcome & Introductions (10 minutes)

Regional Deal Flow Panel (60 minutes)

Questions for the Panel:

  • What are they seeing for deal flow in their geographic areas?  Trends in terms of stage of growth, market sector, value chain (e.g. producers, value-added, distribution, retail, etc.).  Where are the opportunities?
  • How are you collaborating with other investors / funders / lenders across state lines (or not)?  What are some examples of collaboration?
  • Where do you see opportunity for us (the “collective”) as capital providers to work together to build a healthy regional food system (beyond our own state lines)?
  • Bring an example of a particularly creative or unique deal (or structure) that you have done – or are looking at – that you think would be interesting for our group and could serve as model for others.

Discussion (25 minutes)

Updates on recent crowdfunding/Slow Money initiatives (45 minutes)

  • Vermont Food Investors Network (VFIN) update – Eric Becker
  • Milk Money –, third party investment porta
  • Kiva Zip – hoping to have Carrot Project participant discuss as Robin Scheu of ACEDC (first Vt. provider of Kiva Zip) is out of the country; Carrot Project is also a provider
  • Slow Money Vermont update – Eric Deluca

Other Updates (10 minutes)

Electing a new chair?