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Yogurt Production

723 Turnpike Road
Norwich, VT

This 3-day course is a practical, comprehensive, and technical guide to yogurt production and the principles governing the fermentation of milk to make yogurt. In this course students will learn skills specific to produce yogurt including food safety issues, fermentation science, and hands-on methods of making yogurt. These include: milk biochemistry, inoculants, sweetening, packaging, and economics of yogurt production. Students will also learn Vermont and federal laws applicable to yogurt production and build cash flow worksheets for yogurt production operations. Using common milk processing equipment to make yogurt students will be able to explain and apply fermentation science to the yogurt making process. 

Days 1 and 2 will be in class and making yogurt. Students will make and prepare 6 types of yogurt in bench top incubators that they can keep for further experimentation.

Day 3 of the course will visit three yogurt production facilities where students can interact with entrepreneurs.

Please note there is the option to take this course for academic credit with an additional fee of $100.

For more info and register:

For questions contact Rachel at Vermont Tech's Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems