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12/5/21 9:30am - 3:00pm

On-Farm Slaughter Workshop with Mary Lake @ AJ’s Happy Chick Farm in Albany 12/05/21

This is an educational workshop series on the slaughter and the processing of sheep guided by Mary Lake. On-Farm Slaughter is part of peoples’ food sovereignty, which currently proves to be essential for our food system’s resilience. This humane way of slaughter on farms is a decentralized opportunity for farmers to increase direct-to-consumer relationships and sales in response to the increased bottlenecks at slaughterhouses. RV, VGFA, VSGA and NOFA-VT members get $10 off registration fees.

12/7/21 11:00am - 12:00pm

Agritourism as a Tool for Rural Development and Women’s Empowerment

Agritourism has the potential to empower women around the world, especially in rural communities. Join community leaders who are initiating this work in Uganda, North Macedonia, Peru, and the United States. We'll also hear from researchers who are studying the role of gender in agritourism around the globe.

12/9/21 1:00am - 2:30am

Free webinar: Soil Builders - Compost for Soil Function & Disease Suppression

CAV's FREE Soil Builder's program continues with Professor Deb Neher from UVM. We'll explore how composting can support healthy soil function and disease suppression while improving and protecting water quality. In this webinar you'll learn: *How to manage water infiltration and nutrient availability with compost *Why organic matter in compost improves soil aggregate structure and reduces erosion *Examples of using compost to manage soil-borne pathogens of plants Learn more and register for this free event.