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2/2/22 3:00pm - 7/6/22 5:00pm

Healing the Roots of Racism in Ourselves (A series for white folks)

A series to practice healing from white supremacy culture & anti-Blackness using reflection, embodied awareness, creativity, reconnection.

2/3/22 4:00pm - 7/7/22 6:00pm

Healing the Roots of Racism in Ourselves (A series for BIPOC)

or BIPOC Space in this series is reserved for farmers, farm, food, and garden-based educators, and those who work with land who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Our healing focused series will center the reclamation of, and reconnection with, our bodies, our places, our ancestors, our beyond-human kin, our cosmologies, and each other through the mirror of natures.

2/8/22 4:00pm - 3/8/22 6:00pm

Collective Garden Organizing Training Series

Join us February 8 - March 8, for a weekly 5-part online training in Collective Garden Organizing--on shared growing spaces. Whether you’re starting a garden this season or seeking to strengthen an existing project, this course will help you get organized, reflect on strategies, and gather tools to grow your community project. Course details and online registration at:

2/17 - 3/6/22

NOFA-VT Winter Conference 2022

Food and farm enthusiasts, register and join for the NOFA-VT 2022 Winter Conference: Dream Into Being, Feb 17th to March 5th!