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Farm to Plate Features Editorial Guidelines

Feature stories on the Farm to Plate website are an opportunity for Farm to Plate Network organizations to highlight programs and projects that are strengthening Vermont’s food system and helping Vermont reach the Farm to Plate goals.

  • Organize the article to cover the who/what/where/when/how/why of your story—give a sense of why the people, places, products, and/or topics you are covering are important for readers to know about.
    • For example, what were the challenges? How was a problem solved? Who helped find/reach the solution?
    • What were the results? Money saved? Environmental benefits? People impacted?
  • Relate your story to one or more of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan Goals and how the outcomes highlighted in the story help Vermont reach these goals - refer to the goals directly in the article.
  • Articles are evergreen and therefore should not be a promotion of an event - post events directly on the Farm to Plate event calendar
  • Articles should not be press releases - post press releases directly on the Farm to Plate Newsfeed
  • Summarize lessons learned for others that might be going through the same situation.
  • If your story, involves a particular technology, please provide a brief technology overview.
  • Submit at least 2 photographs. Include a photo credit and caption and recognize these photos may be used for other Farm to Plate purposes to highlight your work.
  • Provide hyperlinks directly to any text in the story that should direct readers to an outside source for more information.
  • Include a captivating headline and byline for the story.
  • Stories should be written in third person and can be written as an article, interview, or in Q&A format.
  • WORD COUNT: 800-1000

Submit stories in a word document and email to Lydia Pitkin, Farm to Plate program coordinator at Include photos as file attachments to the email (do not put in the Word document).

Stories are promoted on Farm to Plate website and in social media and may be considered for the Farm to Plate newsletter, Vermont Food System News, and other editorial opportunities.