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Understanding the Vermont Food Consumer

In 2014 Farm to Plate’s Consumer Education and Marketing Working Group conducted a target audience analysis to identify and map customers and potential customers of Vermont’s food products. Spearheaded by co-chairs Beth Cullen of Root Consulting and Chris Howell of Vermont Farm Tours, the “Understanding Vermont’s Food Consumer” project is designed to be a framework which can be adapted and modified to fit Network projects and organizational needs.

The project identifies consumer audiences based on lifestyles and values so messages can be developed and then delivered through the communication channels used by each audience. Ultimately, this project is meant to support a change in consumer buying patterns which will lead to increasing local food consumption.

The “Understanding Vermont’s Food Consumer” toolkit includes an editable Excel spreadsheet with 31 Consumer Profiles, suggested keywords and images that both resonate with and repel each type of consumer, and suggested communication channels to reach each consumer. The toolkit also includes the How to Use the Consumer Profiles Guide.

Download Vermont Food Consumer Profiles spreadsheet [Excel]


Download How To Use Vermont Food Consumer Profiles guide [PDF]


For the toolkit to be effectively utilized, it is important to use both of these documents together.



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