Chapter 2: Goals & Data

Goal 17: The number of locally owned and operated food system businesses in Vermont is increasing.

Growing interest in local food and sustainability has increased the number of people looking to build careers in Vermont’s food system. If the development of Vermont's food system is ultimately successful, the number of people employed and the number of businesses should increase. What does the data show? Over 60,000 Vermonters are employed as farmers, waiters, cheese makers, brewers, bakers, butchers, grocery stockers, restaurateurs, chocolatiers, manufacturers, distribution drivers, vintners, and in other food related jobs. At least 12,000 businesses are part of Vermont's food system.

We are very grateful for assistance revising our food system job and establishment calculation methodology provided by Ryan Kelly, Urban Information Specialist at ProvPlan, and Molly Anderson, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Food Studies at Middlebury College.

Download Goal Data (XLSX 82K)