Chapter 2: Goals & Data

Goal 2: Consumers in institutional settings (e.g., K-12 schools, colleges, state agency cafeterias, hospitals, prisons) will consume more locally produced food.

Vermont institutions--K-12 schools, colleges, the University of Vermont, state institutions, hospitals, and workplaces-- represent a unique opportunity for increasing access to local food and expanding consumer awareness of the benefits of locally-produced food. NOFA Vermont's 2012 institutional purchasing study provides the best available data on the opportunity for expanding the amount of local food at Vermont institutions.

What does the data show? The NOFA study conservatively identified over $11 million in spending that could potentially be replaced with local fruits, vegetables, and eggs. New data from the USDA Farm to School Census indicates that Vermont schools spent 16.2% of their food budgets on local food - the highest amount in New England.

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Performance Measurement: To increase the total amount of locally produced food purchased by Vermont K-12 public schools, colleges, the University of Vermont, hospitals, state institutions, and workplaces.

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CategoriesData Source
Institutional Demand for Fruits, Vegetables, and Eggs NOFA Vermont
Estimated Dollars Spent on Local Food at Schools (2011-12) USDA Farm to School Census