Chapter 2: Goals & Data

Goal 15: All Vermonters will have access to fresh, nutritionally balanced food that they can afford.


To decrease number of food insecure Vermonters and increase access to healthy, affordable food for all Vermonters.

Performance Measurement

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Coupon Program

What did your organization or program do?

Green Mountain Farm to School’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Coupon Program provided food insecure Vermonters with coupons to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at local grocery stores. Funded by the USDA Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive grant program, the Coupon program was available to 420 residents in the Northeast Kingdom participating in the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as food stamps.

At the start of the six-month program period, each participant was given a booklet of $75 worth of coupons only redeemable for fresh fruits and vegetables at five participating grocery stores. By the end of the program, participants redeemed $29,486 worth of fresh produce representing a remarkable 94% redemption rate of all distributed coupons.

  • 420 households reached
  • $31,500 in coupons distributed
  • 5 participating retailers
  • 28 in-store taste tests

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How well did your organization or program do it?

  • 94% redemption rate
  • 2,348 coupon transactions
  • 97% of respondents were satisfied with the amount of produce they were able to purchase as a part of this program
  • 93% were satisfied with the quality of produce they were able to purchase
  • 96% reported that they were provided the assistance needed to enroll in the program


Is Vermont better off as a result

  • 60% of respondents said that participating in the program changed the types of foods they choose
  • 2 stores reported an increase in produce sales during redemption period


Progress Updates

There have not been any updates to this performance measurement.