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Operation Manager - Farm Fresh Cured Meats (Agricola Farm)

Organization Agricola Farm
Location 2674 Jersey st
Panton, VT 05491

Our farm is opening a salumeria! This is an Italian style butcher shop dedicated to the production of high quality cured meats such as salame, prosciutto, coppa, lonzino, guanciale and more. All products are sold wholesales to specialty stores in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts. We need to find our Operation Manager. We do not expect you to know anything about making salumi or butchering. We would love to find someone with some experience in butchering but this is not necessary, we can teach everything from zero. The ideal candidate can show us a true love for cured meats, a strong interest in butchering and evidence that this is the type of job that would make you happy. You will be processing (with help) 18 to 50 pigs per month and turn them into fabulous cured meat products such as salame and less known cuts such as culatello or lonzino. We will teach you old Italian traditions to cure meat but we also have acces to the most modern technologies. Our products are loved everywhere we go and we are looking for someone that can help us grow. In addition to pigs from our farm, we will be processing pigs from other 5 farms spread throughout Vermont. You will be helping us create a map of cured meat flavors across the state. The job of a butcher (salumiere) is not easy. It requires you to stand on your feet the whole day, you will have to move heavy objects, doing lots of repetitive movements, and there is a great deal of attention to details and to sanitation. We can hire you for a trial period if you are not sure this is the right place for you. The location of the processing facility is Middlebury, VT.


Date Posted September 3rd, 2019
Deadline Open until filled
# of Positions Available 1
Categories Food Production
Type Full Time
Compensation $1700 to $2,004 (depending on experience) for 4 days of work per week + health care and + 3 weeks paid vacations.
How to Apply Send your resume and you curriculum to Alessandra are Explain me why you think this is the right job for you, tell me about yourself and about your life goals. Please note that below the link is for a Butcher Assistant Position, which would be a person working under the responsibilities of the Operation Manager

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