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Farm Mechanic and Route Operator (Black Dirt Farm)

Organization Black Dirt Farm
Location 393 Stannard Mountain Rd
Greensboro Bend, Vermont 05842

The Farm Mechanic & Route Operator plays an important role in managing the farm’s equipment maintenance and repair, as well as operating the farm’s food scrap collection operation one day per week. This self-driven role will be responsible for maintaining the good working-order of all equipment on the farm and supporting the continued success of the food scrap collection route.

Job Tasks and Requirements

By and large the role will include the following tasks:

Route Operation – (30% of time)

  • Weekly collection of food scraps from customers
  • Operation of generator, hot water pressure washer, and 12-volt fresh water pump.
  • Daily tracking and reporting of data.
  • Visually inspecting containers for contaminants and removing them.
  • Customer service as needed while on customer premises.
  • Collection of sawdust as needed and delivery of sawdust to customers.
  • Occasional farm tractor operation as needed.
  • Weekly & monthly meetings.

Equipment Repair and Maintenance – (70% of time)

  • Oversee farm equipment repair and maintenance, including overall project/task management, preventative maintenance and associated schedule, repair, and equipment histories, as well as documenting procedures that will need to be replicated in the future.  This role will execute as much repair and maintenance work as possible. The applicant does not need to know how to repair everything. Of equal value is the ability to recognize when a repair should be handled by a third-party. The applicant will be responsible for coordinating third-party repairs and maintaining strong relationships with equipment shops we work with.
  • Oversee the mechanical shop, its organization and its tools.

Misc equipment and operations

  • Back up chores when necessary
  • Special projects as necessary
  • Record keeping – recording time, managing equipment repair and maintenance logs, and other related information tracking as requested.


  • Three years mechanical repair experience; preferably with small engines
  • Five years driving experience and ideally, one year of commercial or heavy truck driving experience
  • Excellent work ethic and appreciation for efficiency.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Superior personal skills, including communication, stress management, and teamwork.
  • Willingness to follow and develop protocol.  Curiosity about and ambition for operational excellence.
  • This job requires the operator to:
  •        Handle containers up to 350 pounds (on wheels).
  •        Lift 100 pounds safely.
  •        Climb in and out of truck bed routinely with comfort.
  •        Shovel heavy material for extended periods of time.
  •        Execute semi-repetitive tasks over time
  •        Operate outdoors, in variable weather
  •        Bend, stoop, and climb stairs
  • Excitement about compost, farming and the food system.

Hours per week: 24-30 hours per week, with potential for growth.

Date Posted August 8th, 2019
Deadline August 8th, 2019
# of Positions Available 1
Categories Agricultural equipment, Soil / mulch producer or supplier, Compost producer or supplier
Type Part Time
Compensation Hourly rate will be based on experience.
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