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Independent Grocers Phase 2 Report Released

Over the past few years the Aggregation & Distribution Working Group has examined opportunities for producers and processors to reach new wholesale markets via retailers and institutions. These wholesale markets are also an avenue for greater access to local food by Vermont consumers. Independent grocers were identified as an important market channel opportunity. 

A project team of the Supply & Demand task force recently completed a second phase of research on independent retailers and released a report of the findings. The team developed and implemented a survey to gather data about what products stores currently carry and to gauge interest in technical and marketing assistance designed to increase the availability and sale of local foods in independent grocery stores. The project was led by Annie Harlow (Farm to Plate project consultant) and Sona Desai (Intervale Center) with support from VRGA, and implemented from January 2015 to August 2015. The report summarizes the methodology, findings, conclusions and recommendations. 

To learn more, visit the task force page or read the report in the following link. 


Exploring the Next Frontier_Increasing Local Foods Sales_v2_Sep 2015-1.pdf