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International Workshop on Agritourism in Burlington August 2021

In 2018, Eurac Research hosted the 1st World Congress on Agritourism in South Tyrol, Italy. To build on the success and momentum of the World Congress, Eurac Research will partner with University of Vermont Extension in 2021 to host the International Workshop on Agritourism in Burlington, Vermont August 31 - September 2, 2021.

We are planning a series of virtual gatherings leading up to the conference in 2021. The virtual gatherings will bring together agriculture and tourism industry professionals from around the United States and beyond. Farmers, researchers, agricultural service providers, and tourism experts will share their knowledge and experience.

The objective of the virtual series is to create a ‘big tent’ that unites otherwise disparate voices and industries around the many facets of agritourism and its many cultural, economic, and environmental benefits. The guiding principles of the series is internationalism and inclusion; the aim is to paint a colorful and diverse portrait of how agritourism looks across contexts and why it provides many critical tools. The series will build excitement, audience and press attention for the in-person or hybrid conference to be held in August 2021.