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WEB Work in Bennington Takes Off

WEB framework and networking efforts expand to Bennington County with coordination and leadership efforts spearheaded by Northshire Grows.

Northshire Grows has been working with stakeholders across Bennington County in 2018 to build relationships and capacity for WEB conversations to take hold.  An initial input session in Bennington/Southshire in May gathered 30 colleagues for a roust input session, which yielded a SWOT analysis of the status workforce development for Bennington’s food system.

Transportation, seasonality in hiring, wraparound support services for businesses and employees and promotion and marketing are the emergent themes to date of areas for improvement. 


Plans to replicate the same process for Ws, Es, and B.s in the Manchester/Dorset/ Northshire area are in the works for late summer with a combined convening for all interested stakeholders in the fall. This will allow for Ws, Es, and Bs in this area to weigh in on the SWOT process started in the Bennington/Southshire region. Information will be folded into the previous SWOT analysis.  Another theme might emerge!