Career Pathways & Image

This task force is developing a series of career pathway diagrams that provide information to schools, guidance counselors, students, and parents about the educational pathways that lead to various food system careers. They are also working to improve the overall image of food system and agriculture professions. 


UPDATE: Career Profiles Continue to Expand their Reach & Drive our Work.

“Food system jobs are important for the fact that if nobody did this work we wouldn’t have food. I am personally very interested in where my food is from so I felt that this interview was an overall interesting and good thing to check out. And in the end I ended up getting a job there.” ~ a participating student

“Students gained experience with perseverance and a cultural understanding of work ethos.” ~ a supervising educator

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Agriculture and Food Careers for Vermont’s Next Generation

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Vermonters to work in the field of Agriculture (and food systems). The Agency of Agriculture is delighted to be working with a host of partners on this educational initiative. We believe it could lead to rewarding work for employees and also improve Vermont’s economy.” ~ Secretary Anson Tebbetts

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