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UPDATE: Career Profiles Continue to Expand their Reach & Drive our Work.

“Food system jobs are important for the fact that if nobody did this work we wouldn’t have food. I am personally very interested in where my food is from so I felt that this interview was an overall interesting and good thing to check out. And in the end I ended up getting a job there.” ~ a participating student

“Students gained experience with perseverance and a cultural understanding of work ethos.” ~ a supervising educator

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Agriculture and Food Careers for Vermont’s Next Generation

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Vermonters to work in the field of Agriculture (and food systems). The Agency of Agriculture is delighted to be working with a host of partners on this educational initiative. We believe it could lead to rewarding work for employees and also improve Vermont’s economy.” ~ Secretary Anson Tebbetts

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RTCC Students Explore Three Different Farming Careers

The 2017-2018 Agriculture students at Randolph Technical Career Center contributed to the Farm to Plate Career Profiles Project by interviewing and comparing the experiences of three different farmers in their area.

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Successful Career Profiles Pilot and Next Steps

More than 20 students from Washington and Addison counties interviewed farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and other food system professionals and compiled their results in a question and answer format. We now invite educators around the state to use our curriculum and participate in this statewide project.

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Food System Career Profiles

The Career Image and Pathways Task Force developed curriculum for students to create food system career profiles, which will help with the overall promotion and awareness of food system careers.

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Career Path Profiles: Pilot Project

The Career Pathways and Image Task Force, in an effort to attract younger people to careers in the food system, has recently created three pilot profiles of the career paths and stories of “food system rock stars” within a range of ages and occupations.

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