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RTCC Students Explore Three Different Farming Careers

As part of the F2P Career Profiles Project, the 2017-2018 Agricultural Technology class at Randolph Technical Career Center interviewed three local farmers to compare their farm operations and career paths:

  • Brent Beidler, Beidler Family Farm, Randolph;
  • Jenn Colby, Howling Wolf Farm, Randolph; and
  • Tim Sanford, Luna Bleu Farm, Royalton.

Students developed the questions, collaboratively interviewed all three farmers, and selected which answers were most informative to share. After help from RTCC's media students in taking photographs and from the F2P Career Profiles Task Force in creating a finished brochure, the class shared their work with the community at the school's annual open house.

Check out the attached brochure to learn about these farmers' experiences deciding on a career, what educational paths they followed, the importance of financial planning, and more!