Consumer Education and Marketing

The Consumer Education and Marketing Working Group focuses on strategies which improve consumer’s ability to find, purchase, and use local foods. Efforts to increase local and regional food marketing, enhance consumer education and awareness, and expand agritourism opportunities are central to the group, as well as to ensure these efforts reach Vermonters at all income levels.

This Working Group is made up of a diverse array of food marketing professionals, food access organizations, trade associations, retail market owners, researchers, educators, nutritionists, and organizations working on consumer education around healthy, local food.


Consumer Education and Marketing Working Group Annual Updates

The Consumer Education and Marketing Working Group contains the Agritourism Task Force, Rooted in Vermont Campaign, and the Vermont Food Systems Communicators and Marketers Community of Practice. These three sub-groups are robust, engaging Task Force members throughout the year. The Working Group as a whole is reorienting toward future projects. In particular, the Group focused 2019 on how to respond from a consumer education angle to the call to action presented in the Future of Agriculture report. Two full Working Group meetings were held in 2019, one held jointly with the Aggregation and Distribution Working Group looking at the intersection of wholesale market development trends and how consumer education and marketing efforts can address and complement wholesale market development challenges and initiatives. Join us in 2020 as we continue to plan actions related to the Future of Agriculture report and marketing challenges faced by our farm and food businesses.

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Agritourism Task Force: Open Farm Week Report

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