Dairy Professional Development

Dairy Professional Development Task Force was a group of dairy industry professionals including producers, researchers, service providers who focused on identifying the best way to provide farmers with technical assistance resources.

The Farm to Plate Network’s Dairy Development Task Force was engrossed in a series of discussions for over a year about the need for a comprehensive, one-stop-shop where dairy farmers can access all sorts of resources. But every time the group sat down to develop the resource guide, there were unanswered questions about how farmers best access services, and what kinds of resources were most needed. So the group decided to ask as many Vermont dairy farmers as possible what they need and how they prefer to get support. Members of the Dairy Development Working Group surveyed 127 dairy farmers to gather input to develop a useful resource for Vermont’s dairy producers.


Use of Technical Assistance by Dairy Farms Survey

During 2014, a dairy survey reached 127 dairy farmers to help identify technical assistance needs and best methods to get resources

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