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Food System Career Profiles: 12 Profiles Released

The Career Profiles are a project of the Career Image and Pathways Task Force.  The Career Image and Pathways Task Force developed curriculum for students to create food system career profiles, which will help with the overall promotion and awareness of food system careers. The first 12 profiles have been completed (many more to come!) and will soon be distributed to guidance counselors and teachers across the state.

More than 20 students from Washington and Addison counties interviewed farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and other food system professionals and compiled their results in a question and answer format. The profiles highlight key skills that are useful for specific career paths but also show that passion, dedication, hard work and strong mentors are equally important in achieving your dreams.

Next steps for this project include packaging the curriculum and implementation resources and reaching out to educators in other regions of the state.  The Education & Workforce Development Working Group will support these educators as they move through the integrated curriculum with their students.  This working group will facilitate the process for students' final products to meet high standards of an authentic project and earn admission to a library of profiles housed here on the Farm to Plate platform.

Special thanks to Janice Bosworth (Hannaford Career and Technical Center) and Tom Sabo (Montpelier High School) for implementing this project with their students, Jay Ramsay at the Agency of Education for funding the project, Liz Kenton, Johnathan Kaplan, Roxanne Vought, Kevin O’Donnell, Dave Rubin, and Jeff Roberts for developing and piloting the initial profiles, and Kristyn Achilich & Gail Hall for creating the curriculum.

The first set of 12 profiles can be downloaded here as a pdf.