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Maple Wood Pellet Evaporator Incentive

*NEW* Wood Pellet- or Chip-Fired Evaporator Incentive


1.     Incentives are for new evaporators that completely replace oil, propane or cord wood fired units with wood pellet or wood chip fired units. Cord/Chunk wood fired systems are ineligible for this incentive. The installed unit must be the sole source of maple syrup production.This incentive is available for existing sugaring operations only with pre-existing reverse osmosis units. Projects must use new, factory-produced equipment.

2.       This incentive does NOT require a Reserving Company and may be accessed directly by customers. However, the customer must obtain a signature from the manufacturer after the evaporator has been installed and inspected.

3.       Maximum incentive is $20,000 or 50% of total installed costs, whichever is less, inclusive of all state funds for the evaporator.



More details can be found in the vFY2018 Wood Pellet- or Chip-Fired Evaporator Terms, Conditions and Requirements.
vFY2018 Wood Pellet- or Chip-Fired Evaporator Terms Conditions and Requirements.pdf