Farm to Institution

The Farm to Institution Task Force develops projects to help institutions and other supply chain actors source more local food, and to track and annually report on these purchases. The group has led forums and learning webinars to increase knowledge and awareness of the institutional procurement process. Topics have included scaling up production to sell to wholesale markets, working with contract management companies, and tracking local food purchases. The task force is currently working on a Farm to College Procurement project.



Farm to College Procurement Report Now Available

New best practices data on Farm to College Procurement is available from the Farm to Institution Task Force.
Notable findings include that Vermont institutions are sourcing between 14-40% of their food locally and staff are excited to better promote the foods as part of their educational mission.

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Farm to College Procurement Project

The Farm to College Procurement project is a major initiative of the Farm to Institution Task Force aimed at increasing procurement of local food in all VT institutes of higher education over the next 3 years. This project will develop best practices and strategy recommendations for institutions to meet F2P goals through their procurement.

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