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Farm Transfers Financing--Sticking Points & Solutions: 2/6/19 Convening & Beyond

See attached for a range of Sticking Points and Solutions, as well as next steps regarding further outreach to key stakeholders. This Takeaways document is one of a series of outputs from the Crosscutting Team coming out of the Farm Transfers Convening. See Appendix III for a current list of outputs. 


-       Assumptions of Farm Seekers & Early Stage Farmers about Land Ownership

-       Strategies to Identify and Reach Markets

-       Business Assistance When Navigating Land Access and Transfer Transactions

-       Where Flexible Capital Could Help Catalyze Farm Transitions

-       Payment for Ecosystem Services

-       Appendix I: FSA Outreach Work Plan

-       Appendix II: Common Approaches to Improvements While Leasing

-       Appendix III: Overview of Outputs from the Farm Transfers Convening



Cross-Cutting Team Chair: Eric DeLuca, Leverage Point Consulting

Event Design Team: Benneth Phelps—Dirt Capital Partners, Sam Smith—Intervale Center,
Liz Gleason—VT Farm & Forest Viability Program, Jon Ramsay—Vermont Land Trust

Farm to Plate Network Liaisons: Jake Claro & Sarah Danly—VT Sustainable Jobs Fund